HO Sports Molecule 2D Towable

HO Sports Molecule 2D Towable

HO Sports
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The HO Sports Molecule 2 Rider Towable uses HO Sphere Technology. HO sphere technology addresses an age-old problem of large towable tubes. As towable tubes get larger, the surface area of the tube contacting the water increases. Increased contact with the water creates drag. Increased drag requires more energy to whip the tube behind the boat and causes a slower less exciting ride. Designing larger tubes has typically meant creating larger versions of smaller tubes.

The solution to this problem is HO Sports Sphere Technology. Sphere Technology opens up doors to a whole new way of thinking. The Problem of drag is solved by reducing the surface area contacting the water, resulting in a livelier ride. The large size is easy to whip, less energy is required in towing and less strain is put on the boat. The Sphere Technology also provides unsurpassed shock absorption in rough or open water.

The Molecule can tow up to 2-adult riders with a 340 lbs. (154.22 kg) maximum weight capacity. Tube is durable with a heavy-duty PVC bladder and comfort while hanging on is assured with the 4-nylon webbing covered soft foam handles. The Molecule 2D is a tail dragger design with rear nylon webbing grab handles for easy re-boarding. Hook-Ups are quick and easy with the HO Sports Quick-Connect Tow Hook. Inflation and deflation are made easy with the Boston valves. Tube requires a 2,000 lbs. (909 kg) tube rope. Tube measures 120" x 83" (304.87 cm x 210.82 cm).


  • HO Sports Molecule 2D, 2 Rider Towable
  • HO Sphere Technology:
  • Reduced Surface Area Contacting Water
  • Reduces Drag in Water
  • Livelier Ride
  • Easy to Whip
  • Less Energy Required-in-Towing
  • Less Strain on Boat
  • Unsurpassed Shock Absorption in Rough or Open Water
  • 4-Nylon Webbing Covered Soft Foam Handles
  • Tail Dragger Design with Rear Webbing Grab Handles for Easy Boarding
  • HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment


  • Durable PVC Bladder
  • Strong Nylon Cover
  • Dimensions: 120" x 83" (304.87cm x 210.82cm), Inflated
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 340lbs (154.22kg)
  • Requires 2K (909kg)